THE TRIAL GARDEN By Dania Reymond, 2016 
In a tropical-like park in Algiers, Samir, a young director, helps his actors rehearse. His next movie tells the tale of young people of a besieged city. While they are working, the film crew faces with the same questions as their characters.

Director’s biography: Franco-Algerian filmmaker Dania Reymond-Boughenou was born in Algiers in 1982. Her family left Algeria in 1994 during the Black Decade to settle in Marseille. She studied at Le Fresnoy – Studio national. Her medium-length film Le Jardin d'essai, shot in Algiers in 2016, has been shown in several festivals and won several awards. She shot in Marseille Constellation presented at the Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival and she is currently preparing her first fiction feature film.

MISS By Amira Jihane Khelfallah, 2020
The Algerian desert extends in all directions as far as the eye can see. Many years after the French conducted nuclear weapons testing here, few inhabitants remain in the fading oasis. Amidst the dunes, a gleeful girl plays with pieces of junk, watches Chaplin’s silent films and jokes around with the blind residents. She is the community’s only child. On the surface, there’s not much sensory input, but her imagination kindles a sense of vitality.

Director’s biography: AMIRA-GEHANNE KHALFALLAH is a journalist, novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. She is the author of seven plays performed in Europe and Africa. Her short film Miss has been selected in major festivals around the world and won Special Mention of the children's Jury at the Berlin International Film Festival, 2020 and was awarded the Best Short Film prize at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Rome. Her debut novel, Le naufrage de la lune [The Wrecking of the Moon], appeared in 2018.

7000 RPM By Daouya Feriel Achir, 2020 
A petrolhead who after several deadly crashes doesn't give up, but simply get tired of not having a raceway. Where he could live his dream in it with no limit of time. While waiting I decide to pick the camera and film him while waiting for his dream to become true.

Director’s biography: Daouya Feriel Achir is native of Algiers and she spent her childhood playing with a VHS camera with the help of her bigger brother. After attending sociology courses in 2013, she also started taking courses in photography and different workshops such as photojournalism, history of art and through that she rediscovered her love for visual arts. She started experimenting in photography and videography and her work is
mainly based on individual portraits and storytelling.

THAT LOVELY LIFE  By Rami Aloui, 2017 
In an unspecified future, a North African family ( Mehdi, 27 yo, Nabil 55 yo and Fadela 52 yo ) lives in a permanent curfew. Like all other citizens, they have to stay and work at home until their government gets rid of " The Foreign Hand" . Since the beginning of the war, television became the unique communication channel with the outside world and the state. It's the story of Mehdi, who, after a succession of events, starts to think, to doubt and on his scale, to revolt.

Director’s biography: Rami Aloui, born in Sétif, Algeria, in 1994. Actually Director and director of photography working between Algeria and Morocco. He started to shoot everything and anything with the family's camera. in 2012 he joins ESAV Marrakesh, the only cinema school around there, and study cinematography for 4 years. He works as assistant, electrician, operator then director of photography, in parallel creates a comedy show for an Algerian TV channel before making a short movie, " That Lovely Life", then, with the artist collective Alamoriska, makes a musical short movie called “Awel Ayta”


MKAWDA  By Souad Douibi, 2021 
Mkawda is a documentary film based on a sound experience that takes place in Algiers. The performer Souad Douibi takes us through the streets of a sick city/metropolis, which she takes as the object of consultation.

Director’s biography: Souad Douibi (Algiers, 1982) is a visual artist, performer and art therapy teacher. Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Algiers in 2008. She exhibited as a painter, photographer and videographer in Algeria and Europe from 2005 to 2011. After a break with the artistic world that lasted two years, she returned to the stage as a performer engaged in the streets of Algiers. This title allowed him to carry out series of street performances in festivals in Spain, La Muga Caula (Les Escaules) 2017, Art D' (Centre del Carme, Valencia) 2017, Ciudad Bailar (Matadero-Inermediae, Madrid) 2018 and (JISER Residence) 2019. “Mkawda” is his first film.



Mme Souad DOUIBI, Regisseurin von MKAWDA

Mme Feriel Achir, Regisseurin von 7000 RPM und 

​M. Rami ALOUI, Regisseur von THAT LOVELY LIFE 


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